Is your life or relationship cold and gray? Do you long for deep connection with someone who really gets you? We’re here to help you create a hot, vibrant, thriving life and relationship.

At Heat Effect Coaching our primary focus is helping people identify and pursue their desires around relationship, sex and intimacy.

Many of us grew up with the expectation of “happily ever after.” You find “the one”/your soulmate and spend the rest of your lives together. The reality is that finding and maintaining relationships is tough, it takes work. So often people just give up – give up on finding their soulmate, give up on their relationship, give up on themselves. Don’t be one of those people who gives up. A new perspective and the tools we can teach you may be the key that unlocks what you desire.

The journey is your own but it helps to have a guide. Someone to get you started on a path that leads to relationships that feed you and take you higher, even during difficult times. We can help you design the relationship you want and maintain that relationship for as long as you want.

How’s your sex life?

Sexuality is natural to us and many of us learn to shut down our sexual desires at a young age. We live in a culture that simultaneously shames and glorifies sex — no wonder you are confused. We’re here to help you learn what you really want – not what movies, porn or the culture have told you is normal. For one person normal might be getting right to genital contact and achieving orgasm. Another might crave the slow buildup, the anticipation. Someone else may want something different from day to day, or even minute to minute. We’re here to help you get in touch with your own eroticism and find out what turns you on. We can also help you understand what turns someone else on. We can make your sex life sizzle.


Are you in a relationship where sex has become flat and routine?


Do you miss the days when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other?

We can help you reignite that spark and unlock the secrets to lasting passion. We specialize in singles and couples in their middle and senior years. We work with all gender identities and sexual orientations. Contact us today to discover the secret to lifelong passion, pleasure and aliveness.

Belinda’s compassionate and professional coaching helped me go deeper into exploration of the aspects of my erotic self that were unknown to me. I now feel much more alive, open, curious and empowered.

She offers deep acceptance, compassion, wisdom and knowledge to guide you through a transformative journey of connecting to your erotic wholeness, aliveness and playfulness.

Roksana L

We worked with Heat Effect Life Coaching from late 2018 into 2019.  Belinda and Kevin were with us every step of the way and always cheered us on.  They opened my eyes to understanding my wife’s needs and desires through one on one interactions as well as various exercises we experienced as a couple.  They are truly outstanding coaches!

Dave & Elizabeth

I highly recommend to working with Belinda and Kevin, as they successfully helped me to identify and pursue my relationship and intimacy desires. I was vaguely aware that I faced challenges directly pursuing my desires, yet Belinda and Kevin guided me through techniques which allowed me to rightly identify my fears and work to overcome them. I am grateful for their coaching and am now in a very fulfilling relationship with my best friend 🙂